Frequently Asked Questions

Injury Care
We provide care for work injuries of all sorts

Pre-Placement and Medical Surveillance Exams
We provide executive physicals, work physicals, DOT physicals, and HazMat physicals.
We do lead and asbestos screening, hearing tests and respirator clearance.

INS Physicals
We complete the exams, vaccinations and testing for immigration services.

Independent Medical Examinations
Second opinions, work-fitness evaluations and medical reviews are a strong specialty.

Physical Therapy
We have experienced therapists who use an array of methods and devices to help injured and post-surgical patients.

Hand Therapy
OH+R features one of the few certified hand therapists in RI. Hand therapy, custom splinting, post-surgical care and burn treatments are our specialties.

Drug Tests
We offer NIDA collections, test interpretation by a certified Medical Review Officer (MRO), instant tests, blood and breath alcohol testing, hair testing and non-DOT collections and testing.

Ergonomic and Workplace Safety Checks
Our staff are trained in worksite safety evaluations and ergonomic evaluations of work stations and manufacturing operations.

On Site Training
First Aid, CPR, Automatic External Defibrillators (AEDs), OSHA regulations and standards, disaster preparedness and anti-terrorist preparations.

DOT Exams
Providing medical cards for drivers subject to DOT rules

Steroid Injections

Procedure Description:
Injection of Steroid

What To Expect:
numbness of the area for 3-5 hours and then improvement in symptoms in the next 5-10 days

the risks and benefits of the shot are explained, the skin is cleansed and then the shot is given through a small, thin needle

it is VERY important to ice the area of the shot at least four times that day and the next day for 15 minutes each time

Independent Medical Examination

Procedure Description:
a special type of evaluation

What To Expect:
Dr. will ask about your injury, when and how it happened, what treatment you have received. Then Dr. will review any medical records and examine you. Dr. will write a report that is sent to the person, attorney, insurer, employer, etc. who ordered the examination.

Bring any medical records you have and bring any xrays, MRI scans, CAT scans, etc.

The report will be completed within three business days. You are entitled to a copy from the person who ordered the report.

Care Philosophy

Care should be expert, easy to get and respectful.

The injured worker is entitled to good care. The employer is entitled getting the employee back as soon as it is safe to work.

Staff Information

Julie Hetrick, RN Office Manager
Angie Poindexter Thompson, Medical Assistant

Back Injuries

Back injuries are the most frequent work injuries and the most frequent diagnosis in our practice.

Our treatment plan includes a team approach with the rehabilitation (physical therapy) staff working closely with the medical staff.

We look at the earliest possible time for modified duty at the workplace so that our patients can remain active and safe in the work environment.

Medical research clearly shows that starting physical therapy within a few days of the injury results in earlier recovery, increased comfort, more capacity for home and family activities and less lost work time.

Preventive Services

PREVENTIVE SERVICES are offered to employers and employees to reduce the risk of industrial illness and injury.

OH+R's services include

--pre-placement/post-offer physical exams
--DOT physicals
--urine, blood and breath testing for drugs
--respiratory clearance exams
--fit-testing for respirators
--hearing protection
--hazardous materials screening
--firefighter and police academy qualification physical fitness exams
--heavy metal surveillance
--asbestos worker surveillance


Se habla español.
Nos falamos portugues.
Nos falamos creole.

ATT translation services available.

Immigration Physicals

We are a certified center for completion of physicals and immunizations for INS (CIS).

THE COSTS of your examination depend on how current your immunizations are.

If you can get your immunizations from your family doctor under your health insurance that is less expensive. If you need a chest xray, you may be able to get this less expensively from your personal physician.

Our prices (Sept 2005) are

Exam $55
Tuberculosis skin test $5
Blood test for HIV $25
Blood test for syphilis $27
Chest xray $60

Hepatitis B each --
Measles, mumps, rubella --
Varicella (chicken pox) --
Pneumococcal --
Influenza --

IME Client Information

Purpose of Examination: A medical examination performed independently of prior medical opinion or treatment. Often used for forensic purposes including evaluation of people injured on the job, in motor vehicle accidents, people with prolonged courses of treatment or absence from work.

Examinee: Can be anybody except a person who was treated for that illness or injury by the examiner. The examinee does not form a physician-patient relationship with the examiner. This has important implications for the record of the examination. Generally, that record belongs to the client that has requested and paid for the examination. Generally the examinee must obtain a copy from the requesting client.

Length of examination: Varies with the complexity of the medical situation and the amount of medical documentation that must be reviewed. The majority of exams last 60-90 minutes.

Examiner: Is certified by the American Board of Independent Medical Examiners. He is a faculty member of the Brown University School of Medicine. He is familiar with courtroom testimony and with the requirements of documentation and language necessitated by forensic reviews.

Turnaround time: Generally the final report is faxed to the client within three business days. The final copy is mailed shortly thereafter.

Medical Documentation: The quality of the opinion rendered in an IME is directly dependent on the amount and type of medical documentation available at the time of the exam. Prior medical records, radiographs, reports of radiographs, results of tests, all add to the informational database from which an informed opinion can be made. It is the responsibility of the requesting client to supply medical information and documentation to the examiner. Some clients leave it to the
examinee to assemble the medical records. Many examinees do not have a copy of the pertinent medical information and often are uninformed about how to obtain it. Without guidance they may not know what test results might help or to obtain them.

Recommendations and Treatment: The physician performing the IME cannot and should not make to the examinee recommendations for treatment. If the client requests a review of treatment to date and its appropriateness, this is a legitimate responsibility of the examiner.

Informed consent: The examiner will inform the examinee of the purpose of the examination, will confirm that the examination has not caused undue pain and may ask the examinee to complete an exit poll to ascertain satisfaction with the visit.

Percent Impairment Determination: If the client wishes for a Percent Impairment Determination under the Guides of the American Medical Association, this must be noted at the time the appointment is arranged and scheduled.

Costs: The base cost is $450.
No-show or same-day cancellations are billed at the rate of one-half of the physician's fee.

Chart and file reviews are billed at an hourly rate.

Complex evaluations carry a higher rate than that for a standard, straightforward examination.

OSHA Examinations

We provide the following OSHA-regulated exams:

1. Hazardous Materials Workers
2. Respirator Clearance
3. Asbestos Exposure
4. Heavy Metal Surveillance
5. Cadmium Surveillance
6. Hearing Protection
7. Radiation Surveillance
8. Hazardous Chemicals Surveillance

En español

Bienvenidos a "Axiom Occupational Health."

Nuestros servicios consisten en tratamiento de golpes de trabajo, examenes físiscos para trabajo y examenes físicos para el departmento de transportación (DOT).

Ofrecemos examenes físicos para inmigracion a un precio lo más bajo.
El doctor habla español.

Ofrecemos examenes fisicos para inmigracion a un precio lo más bajo.
El doctor habla español.


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